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SMTP Relay/DNS Problem

I have my own email server, using POSTFIX, on a Ubuntu machine at home. The configuration for this includes a "relayhost" directive:-


Sometimes, when I send an email, it is delayed, with a log entry including:-[65.20.50.nn]:587 ....status=deferred (lost connection with[65.20.50.nn] while performing the EHLO handshake)

A few minutes later, it tries again, and succeeds. This time, the log entry includes:-[213.120.69.nn]:587.... mail accepted ...

A "dig" of shows:- 877 IN CNAME 20 IN A 65.20.50.nn

And sometimes, the A record is:- 25 IN A 213.120.69.nn

A "whois" of 213.120.69.nn shows that it is owned by BT.

A "whois" of 65.20.50.nn shows that it is owned by Openwave messaging Ireland.

My emails always get through, but it appears that something is not working quite as it should. If I get a 213.120.69.nn address, it works fine, but, if I get a 65.20.50.nn address, the message is deferred.

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Re: SMTP Relay/DNS Problem

Can someone tell me if I am doing anything wrong?

None of my emails are getting sent, now, because  DNS is just giving me a 65.20.50.n address.

Everything had been working well for years. Have BT made any changes that I am unaware of?


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