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SMTP Relay Host

I have a home server running Linux and a Postfix SMTP server. This server is running for my flying club. The mail server is working fine for inbounds but for outbounds I need details of the BT SMTP Relay server. 

From what I've read so far my server/domain needs to be registered on the BT "White List". How do I do this?



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Re: SMTP Relay Host

Email is a lot more secure nowadays - hosting your own email server will likely result in you just looking like a spammer without the correct records in place. Even if you used BT as an email relay, the emails would still be blocked as spam by most domains unless the sender address was a btinternet one (if it is, then just set your server up as per the instructions here:

It's generally not worth the effort hosting your own server anymore - just pay a provider.
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Re: SMTP Relay Host

Heading one off at the pass here... You'll occasionally see people on these forums and those of other ISPs talking about PTR records.  These are records used for reverse DNS and are often used to check that mail servers are who they claim to be.  The problem is that BT generates these procedurally using the IPv4 address - so the PTR record will change every time your IPv4 address changes.
So even those with fancy DDNS and delegated name servers don't control the PTR!

I only learn by making mistakes and owning up to them - boy do I learn a lot!
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