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Sending emails from non-BT address via HTC One SV

Hi - Firstly I hope this is the right place to post (noob alert)  Apologies if it isn't


I'm looking for some help configuring email on my Android device

The email address I want to use is not a BT address but I have verified this under Mail Options>Mail Accounts via BT Yahoo Mail website (N.B.  This was working fine on my old phone but cannot seem to get working on my upgraded handset)


So, in terms of settings I have:


Incoming = POP

Email = non BT email

Username = non BT user name

POP server =

Port = 110



Login Required = yes

Username = BT email in full

Password = BT Password


Security = none (tried SSL & TSL an get "your server dos not support" message

Port = 25


The first time I do this all settings are accepted no problem, but if I then immediately go back into settings and without making any changes go "next" "next" through both screens I get an authentication failed message


I can receive emails sent to my non-BT address on my android device but everytime I try and send I get error reports



I have this set up fine on both my PC and my iPad but cannot work out why gettiong this to work again on Android is proving such a pain


Appreciate any help on this!!




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Re: Sending emails from non-BT address via HTC One SV

I can't give you any highly technical advice, but one thing stands out to me. Some time ago I suddenly became unable to send email via Thunderbird on my laptop or on my smartphone using the default port 25, and had to switch to 587; others have said similar. It's worth you trying that as a possible quick fix. If it doesn't work, you'll get some more advice here.

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