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Re: Sent e-mails

As regards your replies having the original message in your replies, you need to ensure that in the settings found by clicking on your username at the top right hand side and then going to "Mail" and checking the box beside "Reply quoting original messages" is ticked.

You might also be using "conversation view". This bundles all the emails of a contact that you have been having a conversation with into one entry on your list of emails. You can toggle the "conversation view" off /on by going to the "Change View" button at the right hand side and single clicking on the "conversation view" button.



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Re: Sent e-mails

Hi gg30340

Thanks for that, the  "Reply quoting original messages" box was not ticked, I didn't know that existed, looking back on some replies from a couple of weeks ago they had all messages featured, then suddenly without me doing anything I noticed they weren't. 

One things for sure BT email isn't a consistent as it was when it was yahoo, main gripe is how slow emails are to open.

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Re: Sent e-mails

I also had this problem at the beginning of February and posted this in the Community on 12th Feb but no-one replied. I have lost around 15 years of sent emails. Would you be able to investigate this for me as well please?

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