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Setting up BT email with numerous problems that drive me bonkers!!!!

Can anyone help me?

I have been using BT email on Outlook 365 for a number of years, and a couple of weeks ago I started getting that annoying pop up saying enter password. When you do so it comes back a few seconds later, so you check your password is correct and do it again, and again and again! 

I gave up and decided to remove my account and start again to see if that would fix it. Not only did I have trouble setting it up, but it seemed that no matter what port settings for outgoing and receiving, or SSL or not nothing would work. I checked the BT website for the settings, which I found hard to find by the way, and when I eventually did it still did not work.

I checked other websites until finally someone gave out the setting that worked. The trouble was that now I had 2 btinternet accounts with one of them ending (1).

So I left it at that and just copied the mails into my original email and deleted from the (1) account.

Now I get that same annoying enter password box again and I'm getting so fed up with it all. I even thought of setting up another account but I'd only have the same trouble. 

So I now have a question or two:

1. How do I set up my original account to work, the one without the (1).

2. How do I add an account with the right settings that work and what are those settings?

3. How do I stop those stupid password messages popping up every few months that drive everyone mad?

4.  Can anyone restore my sanity.... please?

Thank you

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