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Spam emails from names in contacts

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One of the email addresses on my account has started to receive spam where the sender has the identical name as someone they regularly email. The email address is very different so we easily tell it is not the person we know. There names are not held on the BT Email contact list, we keep that empty due to security issues several years ago.

How is this happening and should we take any action?

(I have read similar posts on this but the suggestion provided are no longer valid as the options within BT Yahoo Email have changed over time.)

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Re: Spam emails from names in contacts

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The email account was probably part of the massive email account hack that Yahoo suffered about four years ago when over 40  million accounts were compromised. At that time the accounts contacts details will have been harvested by the hackers. This means that they are now in the hackers possession and can be used at anytime they choose. Your email address was probably on the email accounts contacts list at that time.

The sending email address will be being spoofed by the hackers in an attempt to make the email appear genuine and lull you  into a false sense of security regarding its contents.

As you would all ready appear to have done, if you check the headers of the email they will no doubt see that the "phishing" email did not come from the genuine email address.

There is nothing you can do to prevent your account from receiving more phishing emails that purport to be from that email address other than marking them as spam and deleting them.

They spammers will eventually stop and move onto some other person. 

See link re spoofing:

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