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Spam emails with 'Pirated' contact.

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Hi, Does anybody know how to stop spam emails that arrive and/or get sent that pickup a valid contact of mine in the email address.  I receive them with one of my contacts that makes the email look genuine and also contacts of mine receive them with my email showing.  One I received this morning was actually from the USA.


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Re: Spam emails with 'Pirated' contact.

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If they spam email has an email address that purports to be from a contact of yours it would appear that the email address has been "spoofed" by the spammers to make the email appear genuine.

It could be an indication your email account has been hacked at some point and your contacts email addresses have been harvested and are being used by spammers.

There is nothing you can do other than advise your contacts that your email address is being "spoofed" by spammers and that it is being used to send spam email.

It could also be that your contact has had his account hacked and his contact list has been harvested and is being used as above.

If your account has been hacked there is nothing you can do regarding your contacts list being stolen. You can not unsteal it.

I would advise that you check your email account as per the following security link.

How can I tell if my email account is no longer secure? | BT Help

See link about "spoofing".

Email spoofing - Wikipedia

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Re: Spam emails with 'Pirated' contact.

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Hi Distinguished Sage

Now I know, thank you for the info and advisory action.


Many thanks 

Tony Ra

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