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Spam management rules - blocked senders

A few months ago I switched to the new BT mail and soon after changed to imap4 to fully synchronise with other devices, and basically all has been good.

However I've noticed that there's virtually nothing in the spam folder, maybe only a single item every few days. Great, you might think, but this email address has been out there for about 15 years and that's just not possible, so I'm worried that I must be getting false positives.

So, if someone says they sent me an email and I didn't get it, I now don't seem to be able to go and look through my junk folder like I used to be able to on the Yahoo / POP3 system, to see if it's there.

Also, I was looking for rules / setitings and I noticed that under mail in settings there's a massive blocked senders list, that seems to have been generated automatically. Do I take it that the spam filters are automatically deleting emails and adding the senders to the blocked list without me having any chance to review them? If so, how can I control this or at least see the last day or so worth of spam to check for false positives?

In fact I think that the odd one that does land in the spam folder must be actually put there by outlook on my PC, then synchronised back across with imap.

Might seem odd to be asking to have spam back, but to me without the control to set rules or chance to check for false positives, the system has lost significant functionality.

Anyone know about this?

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