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Spam settings

Hi, I have the free email from BT and have for many years. A few weeks ago, I think the spam settings changed, as I stopped receiving the viagra / Russian brides in the spam folder, however, some legitimate emails are now not turning up at all either, not even in the spam box. I have tried accessing my account to little effect, as it says I am not an account manager, and I cannot find where to tell it I am. I am not very conversant with technical jargon, so any answers, please treat as a complete beginner. Many thanks.
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Re: Spam settings


Are you with BT Yahoo Mail or the newer BT Mail?

How do you access your emails? is it via the web interface on or on a client like outlook or mobile device

You dont need to look in the places about Account manager etc as thats to with your BTID and nothing to do with your spam issues.

How do you know that legitimate emails have stopped appearing?

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Re: Spam settings

I have posted a virtually identical item (see nodroguk on 30 March).  Like you I know the number of Russian spam emails has decreased but I also know that people that have sent me legitimate emails (and have done successfully over the past year) are now not getting their emails delivered to me. These legitimate emails are being taken out by a BT (Yahoo) spam filter over which we seem to have no control, i.e. we cannot identify a sender as legitimate. BT needs to respond to this issue.

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Re: Spam settings

I think its BT yahoo mail. That's the site I sign in with anyway. 

I access my emails from the website, but also have them on my phone. 

I know legit emails are not reaching me as a tree surgeon sent an email that was not received, so after I sent him an email, he resnt and it arrived OK. Also an onvoice from has been refused several times and I cannot find anywhere to tell it that I want to receive the emails from


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Re: Why have Spam emails significantly decreased?

@cosmosturner wrote:

  I receive my contracts for work through this and dont know if I have missed some of those now.


Why would anyone use a consumer grade email service for business, especially one which is tied to one ISP? I assume you must be a BT Premium mail user, or do you have a BT Broadband account?

Gmail offer some alternative option, and a specific one for businesses.

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Re: Why have Spam emails significantly decreased?


I am not a business, simply self employed and this email address has been fine for years, rarely losing anything. I am concerned that if a new person from the organisation I mainly work for, tries to contact me, I may not receive the email and so lose work. It is only very recently that the spam has stopped all the viagra / Russian brides ads coming through (I am a woman so none relevaant to me anyway!!)  but it has also stopped some other emails, including from a tree surgeon and a billing organisation ( I don't seem to be able to add to an approved list anywhere, unless you know how tro do that? 



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