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Stopped receiving emails in Outlook Express.

Two days ago I suddenly stopped receiving emails in my Outlook Express.


Outlook Express is configured to receive from my old Orange address which has never been a problem. Thinking it might be a problem with my Orange account, I checked with them and they assure me my account is still active. (I regularly log into my Orange account to keep it active.) Everything's been working fine for the past 2 years.


None of my settings have been changed. Outgoing mail is, and incoming mail is


I have just realised that around the time this happened I got an email in my Hotmail about changing from Hotmail to Outlook. When I opened this it said thank you for switching to Outlook, and then instead of being in Hotmail I was suddenly in Outlook! It didn't even ask me if I wanted to or not. But I noticed there was an option there to switch back to Hotmail which I did immediately.


Of course, I don't know if it was that that stopped my Outlook Express from receiving mail. (I can still send mail from Outlook Express.) But it's the only thing I can think off and it does seem an odd coincidence.


I've tried doing a System Restore back to the day before this happened, thinking there might have been a registry change or something which could be undone, but this didn't help.


I'm now at my wit's end and panicking a bit. I'm a disabled pensioner, living alone, and rely on Outlook Express for all my financial and shopping stuff.


Does anyone have any ideas where I might go from here?



Posts: 31
Registered: ‎15-03-2011
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Re: Stopped receiving emails in Outlook Express.



It was Orange's fault. They no longer require the @fs appendage at the end of the account name in Outlook Express account properties.


Wish they'd told me.