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Synching BTYahoo with Outlook and with iPhone

I have my BTYahoo Calendar synched with both Outlook (365ProPlus--provided through my HE institution)  and the Calendar on my two Apple devices (iPhone and iPad mini).


It generally works well enough apart from minor irritations such as the reminders not working in the same way.  However I have realised that something odd is happening about times.  Both my iOS and Oulook versions of the Calendar add an hour to the time I enter into my BTYahoo Calendar (which I treat as the 'master' calendar when setting up new events).  I have a feeling this might have only started when the clocks changed this Spring.  This is rather more than an irritation.


Has any one else had this experience and if they so have they any explanation?  More importantly does anyone know how to fix it?!


Any suggestions gratefully received.



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Re: Synching BTYahoo with Outlook and with iPhone

I have just started using the BT calendar and if I receive a meeting request it goes into the calendar ONE HOUR later than the actual meeting time. I have checked my settings, and it's all on UK time - the only way to "fix" it is to change the time zone to -1 for the Azores! Clearly this isn't a fix.

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