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Talk21 email accounts

Hi Guys,


As you are aware, BT is closing some of its basic email services as part of its attempts to simplify its email product options and offer the best email service to its customers. When the Talk21 email service was launched there was not the large choice of free email services that are available today. The Talk21 email service offers basic webmail access, it does not support access through devices or email clients and offers a lower level of spam protection which therefore doesn’t meet the needs of the majority of our customers.


These changes affect a small percentage of BT customers, who can still keep their email address by linking it to their BT Broadband account free of charge. This means, once they have linked their current Talk 21 address to their BT broadband account, they don’t have to do anything else and can continue using their e-mail account as before.


It also affects some customers who are no longer with BT for their broadband, but have retained the email address from when they were using BT Broadband. Non-BT Broadband customers can also keep their email address if they choose to move to BT Premium Mail for £1.60 a month (6p a day). Or, they can switch to free email accounts from other providers.


BT has written to affected customers to inform them of the options available to them if they wish to keep their email address.  Customers can also find out more about the changes at”





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