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Talk21 email driving me insane

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Hi. I’m situated now in Myanmar and my talk21 address, that I have had for over 20 years, has been generally working fine since I arrived in late July this year. However, over the past few days my android phone, iPad and online attempts to access my emails have failed.

Ive just spent the last 2 hours, switching my VPN off and on, changing passwords, trying to log in with different devices and then finally getting a security message saying that suspicious activity has been noticed: what a surprise. Anyway, I’ve  gone through all that and changed password yet again, received many texts from BT with secondary passcode to input and still, when I try and put it all in, on any device, it doesn’t like me. 

Any ideas anyone. I need to access the emails quite urgently. Thanks

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Re: Talk21 email driving me insane

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Do not post your email address but are you using the ×××× format. If not try that.

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