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Re: The FOUR versions of BT Yahoo Webmail

BT is improving . . .  It now appears that from 3rd June 2013 there will be no more than THREE versions of BT Yahoo! Web Mail Smiley Indifferent. I know this because I have just received an e-mail from Warren Buckley, Managing Director, Customer Service telling me that my " . . . Classic version of BT Yahoo! Mail is closing. You need to upgrade now". The e-mail has the temerity not only to use the word "upgrade", but also to tell me that I'll get "the latest spam protection", despite the fact that I have apparently been getting it for months even though I didn't want it, and had unassailable grounds for thinking that Mail Classic had permitted me to switch off all spam protection [sic] several years ago.


There is  however a silver lining to receiving the e-mail today. Having had no response from snail-mail letter that I sent to The Office of the Chief Executive on 4th March 2013, and no response to the copy of this letter that I sent to Warren Buckley on 4th April 2013, I had decided today to write to the former addressee to request a letter of deadlock with a view to opening discussions with the regulatory authorities. Today's e-mail has at least saved me a stamp and some printer, because I suspect that even if e-mail services are properly regulated, BT Yahoo! are unlikely to have any sanction imposed for a problem that, in a very clumsy way, they have corrected, albeit many months after it first arose.


I will consider separately whether to raise the matter of BT Yahoo! snooping without permission on e-mail for purposes other than lawful interception performed on behalf of the authorities, and their recent heavy-handed attempts to force users to agree to this by insisiting that new Terms of Service are accepted. I have yet to perform my upgrade [sic], but I anticipate having to give BT Yahoo! this permission in order to retain service. That said, I'm not certain that what they are doing is actually legal, at least in the UK.




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