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Re: Trash Email Folder Emptying Itself Suddenly

Lol.. you need to get out more.. take it easy. I’m pretty IT savvy and haven’t seen this on any email service provider to date.. it’s not the end of the world.. but you never know when you might need the odd email you think you didn’t need to keep.. having to move emails to a pending folder on your phone rather just hitting delete each time will be a pain but at least a solution. The trash emptying every 6 months to a year could have been a more plausible half way house.

Didn’t expect to many replies if any lol.. let alone such rabid ones.. jeez..

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Re: Trash Email Folder Emptying Itself Suddenly

Nobody is being rabid, it's just incredulous that people use the trash folder as a storage folder.

If you have a gmail account you will find it also empties on a 30 day cycle.

Delete or recover deleted Gmail messages - Computer - Gmail Help (

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Re: Trash Email Folder Emptying Itself Suddenly

I am with Lewis on this. It was not incredulous at all to use the trash folder as a 'pending' folder before BT started to empty it automatically. In fact it made a great deal of sense and was very useful. It was a good way of keeping your inbox uncluttered and just for new emails, and therefore a way to keep emails you did not want to store elsewhere  just in case you needed one of them six months down the line. It was a change BT made without telling anyone so understandably it threw a few people.  No big deal.

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