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Unable to Send or Receive BT E-mails via Samsung S8 Mobile Default E-mail App

Good evening everyone!
I have a Samsung S8 Mobile and, since yesterday Thu 13 Sep, I've been unable to send or receive any BT e-mails via the default E-mail App. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and doing a Force Stop, but every time I try to set up to send and receive e-mails I get a message saying Unable to connect to Server. BT Live Chat say it's not their problem...its a Samsung device issue...and Samsung say it's a BT Server issue..yet, tonight, I'm told on BT Live Chat that there is a discrepancy with my BT Account due to multiple e-mails on my account, and that I should contact BT Premium Email....can someone please help me urgently? Thank you!
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Re: Unable to Send or Receive BT E-mails via Samsung S8 Mobile Default E-mail App

If the problem only started yesterday and presuming you did not make any changes prior to the problem such as change your password or settings it would appear to be the usual problem with BT email where it stops working for a day or two.

In that instance if your email still works via webmail on a web browser it is obviously NOT a password or settings problem and you should not/not have changed them or deleted and re-set up the email account on your device. This often causes more problems that it solves.

The best advice when the problem you are experiencing happens is just to wait until it resolves its self and use webmail meantime.

Because you have changed passwords, deleted and set up the account etc you may have a problem with the "new" password synchronising with the servers.

You should check that you can log onto and send and receive your email with webmail. If that is OK you should then try setting up your phone with the "new" password.

If that does not work you should try the "old" password.

If the "old" password works you should delete the email account from the phone or at least stop it from checking for email via wireless and mobile network.

You then need to change your password again on webmail. Check that it is working on webmail and then wait at least 15 minutes before switch your phone back on and set up your email account using the new password.

You are best to set up the email account manually rather than letting the email wizard on the phone do it.

See link for the correct settings

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