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Unable to access BT ID / Premium Email Settings

It appears my email contacts have been hacked at some point - some contacts getting emails from a spoof email address (very close to mine with an extra character added). I'm trying to review and scrub all my email security settings on my main and additional addresses.

I have changed my email password. To access further email management settings, I need to use my BT ID. (I've also been allowed to reset that, so I know the BT ID account exists!). However, whenever I try to log in with my BT ID I am either returned to my main email screen, or dumped back to login with no indication of any error. How do I break out of the loop to get at Premium Mail and other account settings?

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Re: Unable to access BT ID / Premium Email Settings

If your account was hacked, which is possible as a result of the massive Yahoo email hack a few years back, there is nothing you can do to stop your contacts receiving emails purporting to be from you.

Your contacts list is now in the hands of the hackers and they can use this list anytime that they choose, As you have already stated, your email address is spoofed which means the emails are not coming from your account so changing passwords etc will make no difference.

You would need to stop using the email account and inform your contacts to treat any future emails from it as spam and to delete them immediately. 

As regards the BTID issue. When you set up your email accounts did you associate them to a BTID. If you did associate them to a BTID it is the master email account that can change the setting for the accounts. That is unless you "gifted" the email accounts and set up a BTID for each account in which case you can only change the settings for each account by accessing each email accounts BTID.

See link about BT accounts.

Having said all that, it may be easier to contact the BT Premium email team 0808 100 6778 to see if they can help.


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