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Unable to open attachments

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Hi does anybody have any ideas on how to resolve my problem, I cannot open any email attachments or save them, the scan completes and then just stays the same as if it has not been clicked on. I have reset home hub, cleared cache, reset to default settings, had an online help session they could not fix it either, blamed my Internet server, have tried for other connections. Attachments open no problem with outlook. This problem only started since I had to re-install net protect plus. BT says this is not the issue, I am now losing all confidence with them.

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Re: Unable to open attachments

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If I were you I would uninstall BT Netprotect / McAfee It can cause problems on some computers and is a resources hog. It does not score well on antivirus reviews. You can get better free antivirus such as Microsoft Security Essential, AVG 1013 Free od Avast Free which are much better.


If you want to uninstall BTNetprotect follow this link. Make sure you use the BTNetprotect removal tool after you reboot your computer. After the uninstall make sure you install another antivirus program.


Link on how to uninstall BTNetprotect.'t-want-bt-netprotect-plus-anymore.-how-...


Yoy could also try a factory reset of your Homehub by pressing a pin into the recess button on the rear for 20 seconds. this may resolve your problem with uninstalling BTNetprotect.