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Re: Unable to switch email accounts

@chris15 wrote:

Thank you, gg30340, for contacting the moderators.

In terms of your post in 2016:

a) the link is to a post by the moderator which is incorrect, as pointed out earlier.  The ability to switch accounts by that method was available up to a week or so ago.  It was therefore clearly incorrect to state in 2016 that it was no longer available.  I posted a link to what I believed to be correct and I have no doubt that the moderator posted what he believed was correct information that he probably received from the BT Email team.

b) the work around of: go to "Mail" > "Accounts" and click on "add " didn't seem to work either, although this may be due a change in format.  There is no Accounts or Add under Mail.  I think this was because I was going from the user name to Account Info. The email User Interface (UI) has changed a couple of times since 2016 and so it would appear has the route for adding the accounts but you would appear to have got there in the end!

This is now under Settings.  I tried and failed to add the account the other day, but that must have been my fault, as it seems to have worked perfectly tonight!  Problem solved.

Thank You!



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Re: Unable to switch email accounts

I am experiencing a similar issue to the one described in this post - when I click on 'switch account' the drop-down box contains 4 alternative email addresses (and not the 11 shown as 'active' when I click on 'manage email addresses').

I've followed the advice offered in this thread but without success.

Any offers of assistance appreciated,


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Re: Unable to switch email accounts

BT are in the process of migrating email addresses away from BTYahoo to the new BT mail, not all addresses are being migrated at once and in the interim whilst addresses are split between systems the drop down list won't contain those addresses that have been migrated. They can all be accessed individually by logging on here 

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Re: Unable to switch email accounts

Thank you for the prompt response, it's much appreciated

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Re: Unable to switch email accounts

I'm having exactly the same problem, occasionally I'm unable to to switch accounts at all, via the  ' switch account '  also occasionally , like now, the drop down only shows 3 of my 9 accounts !

It has worked perfectly seamlessly in the past, other than some problems now and then, when BT have been twiddling at the margins, there's a surprise !

It is a simple function that has worked and should still work, that is if BT checked this before releasing any system updates, obviously not.

For clarity,

1) I am not on BTyahoo, I was moved in the first few months years ago.

2) The same problem manifests itself on several computers running different systems and browsers, so the problem is not at my end.

3) Though there are those who say, illogically " But it is free ", it isn't, it is part of a paid for service, of which, as I am a  payer, I should have access to all and any of  the features and functions as and when I require them, I should also expect these to run without faults, but if a fault occurs, I should expect three things to be automatic, (a) a rapid fix and (b) a believable explanation to be given (c) a timescale for correction.

4) I use and have used Thunderbird since its inception to date with, in comparison, very few problems, there are those who suggest, again illogically that using a ' Client ' is a panacea for all of the BT ailments the customer has to suffer, it isn't, yes there are many things that can be done using a client but conversely there are many things that can only be done on BT Mail.

5) As always, before putting pen to paper, I've jumped through the usual hoops, followed the usual suggestions, like many others to no avail.

Rant over, as par for the course, I'll just sit back and wait for the duration, till BT get their act together, my experience of previous contact with BT C.S.  pointed met o the futility of contacting them, no understanding of the problem, silly suggestions, talk to 3 of them about the same problem I get 3 different answers.

So against my better judgement, I thought things may have improved, I contacted them about this problem, all I can say is.....................nothings changed.


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Re: Unable to switch email accounts

Well, three months down the line and nothings been done about the problem, I still have the 9 addresses but there are now only two showing on the menu when I click on ' Switch account ', all are still active and are used daily via Thunderbird which I have used since its inception.

Yes some witter and ramble on on about BT mail being a free service it isn't, Thunderbird or another client is as good or is better, they aren't.

There are things I can do with my emails using BT Mail that I can't do with clients.

All I ask and I presume hundreds of others want to be able to do , is use it as it is intended to be used.

There is a function and menu provided to enable me to switch accounts, I expect to be able to do just that, switch to any of my 9 accounts, not just the two shown, with two clicks and not to have to log in and out and jump through hoops.

This and similar problems have been going on far too long

So as a customer of BT's for over 30 years I'm now doing what many of my friends and family are doing, or have done, setting up other email accounts, gradually transferring all my contacts over to these, which is a mammoth task for me, once done I'll bin BT for one of the many services who offer a better and cheaper service.

The cost is of no great decider for me as long as I get the service advised and expected but with BT for too long, that has not and is not being provided.






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