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Using BTInternet E-Mail Account After Closing BT Broadband Account

Hi All


A little bit of help would be really appreciated please.


My parents moved house back in July and changed from having BT Broadband to Sky Broadband. My Dad would like to keep his BT Internet e-mail account and when I cancelled his service back in July I was told his e-mail account would be active for six months but we could upgrade it to an account with a monthly cost.


I've just called through to BT to upgrade his account and have now been told that we had to do that within 60 days of cancelling the contract and even though he's still using the account and it's still live, we are now not able to upgrade and keep his e-mail address.


Does anyone know if there's any way of keeping his address? BT won't let me talk to anyone else and the only thing I'd thought about was that I have a premium BT account so I could cancel his e-mail account and then create a sub account with his old e-mail address?


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.




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Re: Using BTInternet E-Mail Account After Closing BT Broadband Account

As long as the email account is still active, there should be no reason why you can not now get BT Premium Email.


See link.


If you are a BT Broadband account holder he could have the email account associated to your account which would mean no cost to him.


See link


If you do have a BT account and you want to have your father's email address associated to your account you would be best to post back here for assistance doing that.

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