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We've blocked your email address ... again ... and again... and again .... and again.

Four times in four weeks I've found I was locked out of my BTinternet emails and my BT account. Each time I became aware of this because I got an automated voice mail sent to my land line which I never use but to which I have an answer machine connected. The voice mail tells me "something has compromised my email address". It never says which email address or what the "something" is. 

When I try to log in to BT I find ALL my email addresses are blocked. I am prompted to give the name of my first pet (!) and then promted to change the password on ALL of my BT email addresses. I then have to go to my phone, my desktop email program, my work email program, my wife's phone and my children's phones and change the password for BT email on every one of them. FOUR times in FOUR weeks! When is BT going to stop this rediculous **bleep**? WHAT is compromising my emails? Which of my emails is being "compromised"? How about some proper intelligent information so I can attempt to figure this out instead of continually being forced to change EVERY email password? When is BT going to do something to stop their customer's emails from "being compromised"? I know I'm not alone. This topic is repeated on this forum time and again.

I am one step from giving up with BT after 20 years of using BTinternet. After all, Gmail is free and my Gmail account has never been "compromised". I no longer use a land line and my mobile phone provides Internet. Why should I stay with BT?


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Re: We've blocked your email address ... again ... and again... and again .... and again.

Hi @thirl88, sorry that your email accounts are continually blocked. Check out Email account no longer secure and have you checked the Anti Virus on all devices is up to date and you have run a scan on all your devices? If not that could be the reason the account continues to get compromised again.


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