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What happens to email if I change ISP?

I am unfortunately having to change service provider.  Please, can someone tell me what happens to our email addresses - all  Do they just get chopped or do they continue as they are within yahoo?  Do BT keep them open for a while?  Can we get BT to keep them open?


(We have no problem with BT except that the broadband speed is inadequate now - we are too far from the exchange and there is no current plan to upgrade the exchange or roll out fibre - and the estate has fibre service from cable.  With my student daughter returning home the speed is not enough for three of us).


Thanks,  Michael

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Re: What happens to email if I change ISP?

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Hello MJR and welcome,


If you want to keep your Email address and you are leaving BT, you should pay for a Yahoo! Premium Mail:!-pre...


If you haven't paid for Yahoo! Premium Mail, once you have left BT, they will disable your email account at a point convenient to them.


Hope this helps,