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What happens to gifted emails when I leave BT

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I am about to apply to move to another provider as BT has no offers. I have set up another email account for myself but my daughter still uses her BT internet email - we created them about 15 years ago or more. I gifted it to her about a year ago in readiness and as instructed she set up a BT ID. What does she have to do to not lose her BT internet email account once I leave BT? Does she have to apply for a premium email rather than myself? Do I advise BT once I move that she wants to keep it and do they contact her? The help info is not very detailed on this point. I rang BT but they seemed very unsure and I do not want to risk her losing her email account. Thanks for any advice.

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Re: What happens to gifted emails when I leave BT

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All the email accounts, including "gifted" accounts will be "downgraded" to BTMail Basic. This only allows the use of the email account by using a browser, It can not be used with an email client or app.

See link

BT Email products | Types of BT Emails | BT Help

If your daughter has her own BT Broadband account she can transfer the email account to her own BT Broadband account and it will continue to function as now.

Can I move my BT email address to another account? | BT Help

If she prefers she can get a BT Premium amail account. It is no different with what she has just now except it costs £7.50 per month. She would need to apply for that herself and set the account up in her name for billing purposes and also to diss associate it from your account.

Both you and any of your "gifted" account holders should receive an email from BT after you or your new ISP have notified BT that you are leaving BT. This will set out the options as listed in the first link I posted.

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Re: What happens to gifted emails when I leave BT

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Thanks - that’s really helpful and clear