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What is happening to my email account

Last week my emails to both outlook express and iphone stopped downloading with a message telling me user name or password incorrect even though that information had not been changed since day one of my bt account opening.


After contacting online help I was told to access my yahoo account and change my password.  I did this and everything started working again for a couple of days.  Yesterday I was again faced with the incorrect user name/password so once again I changed my password (even though I was able to sign into my yahoo account with the existing password. 


After this 2nd change I downloaded messages to outlook and my iphone but this worked for only one download and then I get the incorrect username/password message again.


What on earth is going on?  I cannot change my password time I want to download messages.

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Distinguished Guru
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Re: What is happening to my email account

Welcome to the forum, where this issue has been very widely discussed. In a nutshell it's a problem with the Yahoo! servers which will probably remain until BT have finally moved to a new platform during the coming months. A workround that sometimes works is to log in to webmail then out again; it's probably that which put it right for you for a while rather than the actual password change.

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