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Email annoyance

Why must I keep logging in to read new email.  I login with my user name and password, read new mail and then move away from the page.  Despite being logged into my bt account the system then demands that I log in again when I next want to check mail. All the while I've remained logged in to my bt account.  Surely it can't be beyond the wit of bt to keep the email log in live! This is very annoying and I'd  like to know if anyone knows why bt have set the new system up in such a silly way.

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Re: Email annoyance

Please read the earlier messages in this existing thread. Thanks.


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Re: New BT email log in problems.

But we shouldn't have to us an email client! I mean, we pay enough to BT for the service, the least they could do is to make it easy to get into our emails. It's almost as if they want us to use client. The powers that be should have made sure everything worked before taking away the original BT Yahoo home page.

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Re: New BT email log in problems.

You don't have to use an email client. You can just carry on using webmail the way that the ISP has set it up for you to use it, where as with an email client you can choose how to set it up and use it.


It is the easiest and safest way to access your email. You can set it to remember your password. You can download email into your computer and be able to access them off line. You can set rules to put different emails into folders of your choice. You can do your own backups etc. and thereby be less prone to having emails deleted and lost such as when Yahoo had their servers hacked and if I had time I'm sure I could list many more reasons to use an email client.


There are many advantages to an email client over webmail. I can't really think of any advantages to webmail over an email client.


The choice is yours.

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Issues with logging in to Email

For a few weeks now, for some reason I am unable to use the Email button. Everytime I click it I get the error message

' No Data 

Unable to load the webpage because the server sent no data.
Can someone look into this and get back to me.
Since they changed and added to the, I have been unable to access my account on line. Fortunately I have it link in to MS Outlook. Otherwise I would be unable to get anything done.
Help and assistance appreciated.
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Re: Issues with logging in to Email

It would be worth reading this thread from the start, as there are a number of issues with logging in, and staying logged in. Using a different web browser may help.



There is also another main thread dealing with the new BT mail, if that is what you are on.

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Re: Email Login

I've been highly annoyed with this problem but (Yahoo!) I've solved it.

I use Google Chrome (I expect my solution may apply in general) and I logged in to BT Yahoo! Mail in the normal way, typing my email address and password. I then "bookmarked" this pathway and, lo and behold, I've never had to use that dreaded liogin box since. Clicking the bookmark takes me straight into my mail; page. Hope this helps.

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Re: Email Login

Hi Jolan,


Please beware that the way you have logged into your BT email address (via the BTYahoo system) will only work until the BTYahoo services are completely closed.


Once your BT email account has been completely migrated to the new BT mail platform and system provided by CP (Critical Path), then you will not be able to login to your BTYahoo services as this would have been closed. You will then need to use the BT email login page on the website


Once your BT email account has been fully migrated to the new BT mail platform, then a "Keep me Logged In" function will become available.



jac_95 | Help Site | BT Service Status
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Re: Email Login

I am yet another BT user experiencing the same email log in problems - mine keeps timing out every 5 mins or so whilst I am using it and I get a message that BT Yahoo requires me to sign in YET AGAIN!    I keep hearing that all will be sorted out once my BT mail account has been 'fully migrated' to the new system.  Does anyone have any idea how long this will take?  I don't think I can stand much more of this ridiculous farce.

Thanks in anticipation.

PS:  I have never had any problems with my BT service, until now ......... aaaaagh!!

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Re: Where is the "keep me logged in" box?

There are several threads on this topic.

I'm still on the older system but have recently discovered a "fix".

I click on  "mail" on the rhs of the blue bar.

Type in my email address and password.

When I'm then taken onto my email page, I 'bookmark' the page (I use Google Chrome).

Since then, every time I wish to open my email page, I just click on the bookmark and am taken straight in. I don't even see the login box. (Yahoo! Pardon the pun).

Saves me a lot of time as I log in several times a day.

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