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Wht don't BT Mail spam filters work!

Ever since my BT Yahoo acocunt was migrated to BT Mail, spam has been an issue.


I am not fed up with the whle affair, and have been trying to get some sense from BT. It is appallingly difficult. One second line email support guy told me that they have been working for 4 months on a project to addres sthis, but no-one can give me any details of the project plan, target dates, or escalation paths within their organisation.

If custmer happines sis their aim, which they state it to be, they should do better. Several people in my famiy have migrated away from BT Mail becaus eof spam, and don;t find the same problem.

My Outlook client on my laptop does a better job of detecting it that the whole BT server farm. Its frankly ludicrous.


I hope that making this statement will bring on board all community users who are annoyed by this failure of the mail systems.


And that someone in BT might actually read this and initiate some action, as the help desks are inadequate to address this.


Good luck to all,


Chris Davies

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Re: Wht don't BT Mail spam filters work!

Absolutely correct. For approximately 3 weeks now my inbox has been flooded with spam. This change was abrupt, and has made managing email a painful and laborious task. Each day this week I have logged directly into my BT Mail account using the web, selected 4 spam messages that have appeard day after day, marked them as spam, and quit. Each day those selected messages have been moved to the spam folder and removed from my inbox. On each occasion, the very next morning the same spam appears in my inbox. Spam filters are clearly not working, and while marking mail as spam does result in the message being moved from the inbox, the action is otherwise without any effect. I'm fairly close to abandoning BT Mail entrely; this situation is impossible to work with and there seems to be no plan to resolve or even acknowledge the issue.

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Re: Why don't BT Mail spam filters work!

I went to my BT account today and was greeted with a message to sign up for BTProtect which is supposed to help stop phishing and spam emails. I have signe up for it and will see what happens.

In the meantime many of my spam emails come from "" so I have added this address to my blocked senders, let's see if that helps.

As a by the way, since I was migrated to BTMail all my email sent to others is flagged as Spam? Is there any way of removing this and are the two problems linked? A.

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Re: Why don't BT Mail spam filters work!

Are you sure that the message about BT Protect was from BT. There are a lot of phishing emails purporting to be from BT doing the rounds.


Blocking addresses to prevent spam rarely works because the spammers usually vary the address every time they use one.


Your contacts would need to mark your emails as not being spam. You can not do that.


There is obviously an ongoing issue regarding spam with BT. There is another thread running about it and a moderator is having it looked into. He has been in contact with the email team and will post any updates on that thread.


Rather than continue on this thread you may want to post on the "main" thread.​/1531117

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