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Why are you rejecting our emails?

We send messages to people who have asked us to keep them notified about our Repair Cafe events (we fix broken or faulty things people bring to us, free of charge, and provide free tea and cake - we are entirely supported by volunteers and donations).
To comply with privacy laws, we address the message to ourselves, and bcc in all the recipients.
We have been sending these messages out once a month since 2019 (with a year gap for Covid lockdowns).
We have just decided to add a line to the bottom to remind people they can get removed from the list of they want, and it's all gone pear shaped.
The exact message is :
Hello Everyone,
Just a quick reminder that our next event will be in Llanfyllin on February 11th 12 - 3 pm.
If you'd like to volunteer for this one, please could you let us know soon.
Many thanks.
Look forward to seeing you.
P.S. February poster attached - please display somewhere if possible - thanks
If you prefer not to be on this mailing list please reply to let us know and we will remove you.
When we sent this email, we got a bounce message from every btinternet message on the Bcc list:
554 Message rejected on 2023/01/25 11:13:32 GMT, policy ( ID (6380B1B60B34B987) - Your message looks like SPAM or has been reported as SPAM
How can I complain to btinternet to stop them doing this? I can't get the users to mark the message as not spam, because btinternet isn't even bothering to accept it.
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Re: Why are you rejecting our emails?

Make sure you are complying with best practices, you can also contact the postmaster at