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Why have Spam emails significantly decreased?

I used to get at least a dozen emails a day moved by BT (Yahoo) into my Spam folder. This used to work fine. Suddenly I am getting only a one or two Spam emails every other day. What is happening to all the other Spam emails - clearly they are still being generated by people out there. The reason I am asking is that an email from an organisation I have dealt with for several years has seemingly been rejected by BT as Spam but has not been moved by BT to my Spam folder. This email has the same sender and subject line as 20 others I have received over the past year - but where has it gone? How can I add a sender to a "safe sender" list so it does not wrongly get rejected by a BT spam filter?

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BT Rejecting Emails

Has the BT (Yahoo) Spam filter started to reject perfectly acceptable emails? This seems to be a recurrence of a problem from 2017 where there was no clear resolution or explanation from BT.  

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Re: BT Rejecting Emails

I am experiencing exactly the same problem with genuine e mail from a trusted sender not even getting as far as me spam folder. As said above number of spam e mails has dropped to very low numbers eg 1 or 2.

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Re: Why have Spam emails significantly decreased?

I have the same issue. Is this BT trying to get rid ofm people who use tehir free service? I tried a chat session with them, which turned into a phone call, when they 'transferred' me to the premium team, just static on the line!  I receive my contracts for work through this and dont know if I have missed some of those now.


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