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Will my sub-accounts be transferred as part of email changes?



I have only recieved an email to my master BT accoutn stating I need to link it to my broadband account.  I have now done this, but need to jnwo if my sub-accounts will be linked?


I have not receievd any notifications to my sub-accounts yet, but am worried they will stop working.


Can anyone help on this?

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Re: Will my sub-accounts be transferred as part of email changes?

I asked about this last week (I'm a sub account holder, my father is the primary).


I was told that no notification will be sent to sub accounts informing them they've been upgraded. I was also told that unless sub-accounts were decoupled from the primary account it wouldn't be possible to go through the same process (signing up for Premium mail in our case) with the sub account.


However, having said that once my father had gone through the sign up process for Premium mail the "Account and products" tab in the Account area of my profile changed from "Pay as you Go" to "Premium mail". There was also a splash page notification the first time I logged into webmail following the upgrade.


Whether that means I will be safe come 17 September or not remains to be seen.



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