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Windows 10 email app - will only sign into BT with old password?

 Right, so this seems impossible and I have no idea what is happening. I'd posted a thread a week or so ago about how my Windows 10 app had stopped signing into my BT email address. It started telling me to check my email address and password, and I tried for several days to set it up with no success. Then one day signed in just fine again.

But it dawned on me, when I was attempting to set it up again, I had accidentally used an old password. I can go online to my BT Email, sign in - then sign out so that I can sign in again and get it to "show" my password. And sure enough, it is my newer password. But the Windows 10 app refuses to accept that password and will only accept my original couple of years old password?

 As I say, it sounds impossible, and if it wasn't for obvious security reasons, I'd post screenshots to prove it! Any ideas? Cheers

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