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Yahoo Mail App for Android

my e mail is a BT account which uses BT Yahoo Mail. ie **********

This main one works fine on my PC No Probs.
. On my Android I have the Yahoo Mail equivalent which in large works fine and mirrors what i have on the PC. 
However recently I am getting duplications in my Android mail Contacts. Cant see how to fix this as there are no duplication on my main Yahoo mail There doesn't seem a way into the Contacts list from the smartphone app and it gets those by seemingly 
picking them up off the main accounts

Tried Help with Yahoo Chat but they said call BT as my e mail address is not a Yahoo address. BT wont help as it isnt a BT Mobile phone!!! Back to Yahoo with e mail this time who wrote back with this

"Our records indicate that your "*********" ID is linked to an account managed by AT&T. Due to contractual agreements, we are not able to assist you directly with your request and ask that you contact AT&T Customer Support for further assistance. 
Never heard of AT&T and haven't a clue what they have to do with my BT Account.

Tried AT&T but the contact number is in the USA and the route through e mail stops when they ask me for my zip code. It then doesn't recognise my GB Postcode.!!

All I want to know is how do I remove and adjust my contacts in my Smartphone App when they don't match the ones in my E Mail Account?


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