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Yahoo Mail - cannot access Inbox of primary account

Since last Wednesday (2 June), I cannot open my inbox of my primary Mail account. The sub accounts work fine.


Trying to access via Yahoo webmail produces "LaunchCascadeError-ymwsSmiley Frustratederver.MailboxOpenFailed".


Trying to access via webmail using Yahoo Classic gives me "Error Code 1".


Telnetting into the account tells me "maildrop not available".


The error reporting system just keeps e-mailing me back "We're sorry to hear you had problems accessing Yahoo! Mail. We responded, and hopefully the temporary problem is now taken care of."

Of course it isn't which just makes me mad!

Googling the error is full of lots of information assuming that the PC setup is wrong, but I have tried this on several PCs, using different browsers and OS, all to no avail.

And sending an e-mail to the account bounces back with a Mailer-daemon error: "can't open mailbox"

Looks like the problem is at the other end of the wire. Anyone got any ideas how to get this fixed?




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Re: Yahoo Mail - cannot access Inbox of primary account

Sadly you may be forced to use the phone helpdesk.

Happily, a corrupt mailbox is the sort of thing they can actually do something about. Just don't let them convince you to change your settings and don't let them have remote access to your machine.

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Re: Yahoo Mail - cannot access Inbox of primary account

Contacted the phone helpdesk and the first contact did some checks from a script but eventually handed me over to a BT Yahoo specialist. That guy fixed the problem within 30 seconds. 


All the e-mails previously received are still there although any aimed at this account during the last few days have bounced.


Overall a pleasant experience from the Indian call centre (unlike previous occasions).


So as Linda suggested, get on the phone for this problem and ignore the e-mail form!





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Re: Yahoo Mail - cannot access Inbox of primary account

I had the same problem could not get into my Inbox. Having read up everything and tried 'Chat', which was useless as I could not connect as I live in France, but I still have to pay £1.60 a month to hang onto my old e-mail address I finally managed to get into my account page and changed the password and all now appears to be well. Been up all night as connection was urgent so hardly worth going to bed now.


Glad you managed to crack this problem as well.