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Yahoo Mail wishes to share my messages with someone else?

Yahoo says  


Does Yahoo! Mail automatically share my messages with anyone else?

Your messages are shared only with the people you want. Yahoo! may anonymously share specific objects from a message with a 3rd party to provide a more relevant experience within your mail. For example, Yahoo! may share a package tracking number with the shipping company so that you can easily see when your package will arrive, or may share your flight number with your airline to enable flight notifications within your inbox.


(My bold).

Does anyone know where one chooses the people with whom one wishes to share or not?

If I choose to not share with anyone, how and where are the options recorded?

Why doesn't Yahoo show how this opting out is done? Before deciding on the new Mail system. Fair Trading Practice, Fully-informed Consent and all that. I wish to know just what I'm letting myself in for before deciding anything.

For example, if this is done with cookies, and I delete all cookies, including Flash cookies, on exiting a browser session, do I have to repeat the process every time I log into Webmail?


What's all this about anonymous? A package tracking number is uniquely associated with a name and address isn't it? I don't call that anonymous. And if I wish to track a package, I just go to the designated site and track it. Amazon etc usually send an email to say the package is packed/shipped etc. and say go to xxx website if you wish to track the stage of delivery. That suits me fine. I don't want superfluous emails flooding my Inbox because Yahoo thinks they will be useful - they won't.


Share my flight number with my airline Smiley Surprised My airline already knows my flight number because I booked through them, and they probably know my email address because I probably gave it to them when I booked, so...

Airline --- My Name --- Flight Number --- My email ..... I don't wany Yahoo muscling in on my private contract with the airline thank you very much. What a nerve.


Likewise, Shipping Co. --- My Name --- Tracking Number --- My email.... I don't need Yahoo to go nosying around in my private business. And, again, what is this about Yahoo "sharing" a tracking number with the shipping compnay - they already know it, because they assigned it to my purchase - we are already sharing it ... DOH


This MY DATA and it is private between me and the Airline, Shipping Company etc. I don't intend to give permission for Yahoo or anybody else to see it.

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Re: Yahoo Mail wishes to share my messages with someone else?

You can always use another e-mail provider, the problem is that most of the free ones, do use some of your data for targetted adverts.

The only alternative is to buy yourself a personal domain name and mail services from a 3rd party supplier. Its not that expensive.

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Re: Yahoo Mail wishes to share my messages with someone else?

Unless you encrypt your emails, you have to accept that emails are not a secure communication system no matter who provides it. You may find the following article of interest that deals with Google but it is likely others will follow.



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Re: Yahoo Mail wishes to share my messages with someone else?

Well spotted. And most unwelcome.


I note that it says that any Yahoo user can opt-out of the 'interest-based' ads, and "* If you are a BT Yahoo! user the information contained in this FAQ applies to you except that we won't use the content of your emails to deliver interest matched advertising.", so we don't get them at all anyway.


But I don't really care about interest-based ads because my Ad Muncher makes them go away.


BUT sharing my messages "to provide a more relevant experience" is another story. No get-out for BT customers mentioned there.


I won't ever click on an 'Accept' button but one day they will send an email telling you that simply connecting via POP is acceptance (my guess).


Google led the way to this and now Yahoo and BT are following. I think it is time to switch to an independant email provider.

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