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Yahoo Trnasfer

A few ago my Email became disconnected.  I waited a day and called BT who said that they had fixed the problem and would "Send me an email to confirm".  Tow days later still no email, I spoke to another advisor who rambled on about yahoo and said that he would raise the matter as a complaint.  The next day I tried to track the progress of the complaint but it wasn't listed.  Called again and the advisor said that nobody was able to work in India where Yahoo process their processes, this is untrue I have twenty employees India and they're all working fine.  He then said that my email wouldn't be back for at least week as Yahoo were working in a date of birth sequence????  I asked to escalate the complaint but the advisor said hos manager wouldn't let me.  Of course it's all conveniently passed off as Covid 19, but I net the CEO is still getting his bonus and the share holder are getting their dividends at the expense of decent customer service,   Phillip Jensen wants to use this time to start working on his resignation letter.

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