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Yahoo platform blocking forum emails?

I have an account on RCGroups, an Internet forum for Radio Control modelling, and my BT email is still on Yahoo, grrr!

I have set up my RCGroups account to send me email notifications of any changes to the threads I am subscribed to.

This has been working for many years since 2007 apart from a few days about a month ago - until now that is.

I usually receive between 5 and 10 emails a day, I have had none since 10th March.

I contacted RCGroups admin and they say the emails are going out as usual but they have seen notifications being blocked by both Yahoo and Comcast in the past. Paranoid Americans?

I changed the email in my settings on RCGroups to my iCloud address yestarday and I got 8 emails today so looks like it's BT/Yahoo email at fault.

This is a pain in the proverbial as it means I have to remember to onto RCGroups and see if there are any notifications as I don't have an iPhone any more so it's a pain there too to have to log on and see what's arrived, if anything.

Any suggetsions on how I can get Yahoo to let my emails through please?

I'm assuming that as I am still on Yahoo I will stay there for ever and not get moved to BT Mail.

Could be another nail in the BT Internet coffin for me.....

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