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Going live tomorrow (fingers crossed),


Received all the papers etc and I have been given my email address and password. Now I don't want to give my name out, however it seems i've been given a rather long email address.


Is it possible to get my primary email address changed so that it's something easier to use, for when i'm logging into bt fon etc?


I understand I can have sub email address, but I would prefer if I could change my primary email to something more simple.


I rang up last night on a seperate issue regarding the contract length, and mentioned it to the lady on the phone. She thought it would be possible and would get someone to call me yesterday (but didnt get the call).


I wonder if this could be changed before my activation date tomorrow?

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Re: email help

Hi Dangerman,


Thanks for posting. Sorry for the delay getting back to you. I hope the activation went as planned. I can look into the email query for you. Drop me an email with your account details and a link to this post for reference. Include your current primary email address and the sub-account you want to upgrade.





Community ModeratorDavidM
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Re: email help

Hi Dangerman,


Best practice might be to use your BT primary address and feed/forward your emails to one of your 11 sub a/c's.  That way you can control spammers etc.


So, in your primary address, place a forward e-mail protocol to one of your sub-a/c's, and managage them from there.  Your recipients will still se your original address.


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