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deleting emails from trash

Since the email change I can only delete a limited number of emails from trash, used to be able to delete 50 at a time. Makes clearing trash more troublesome

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Re: deleting emails from trash

If you hover your mouse over the Trash Icon it will show you choices to the right hand side, "Add new folder" or "Empty Trash folder" click on the "Empty Trash Folder" and it will give you an option "Do you want to empty Trash ?"  Yes or No and if you select Yes it will unsurprisingly "Empty the Trash " of all its contents.

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Re: deleting emails from trash

I don't always want to empty the trash folder, just delete selected ones.
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Re: deleting emails from trash

Why place emails in the Trash folder if you do not want them to be deleted.  The Trash folder is not a storage folder. If you do not want to delete your emails you should set up a "Pending" folder and place them into that until such time that you do want to delete them.

In any event if you hold down the shift key then tick the box to the left of the first email you want to delete in the list of emails then scroll down using the scroll bar on the right hand side and tick the last email you want to delete then release the shift key. It will select all the emails in between. You can then click on the Delete button in the menu bar.

If there are some emails that you have selected by doing the above that you do not want to delete you will need to go down the list and untick them then click Delete.

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Re: deleting emails from trash

I have no idea why folks even use the trash folder. Either keep the email or delete it.

I never use the trash folder and permanently delete emails immediately rather than move then to the trash folder.  You soon learn which to keep and which to delete.

I have visions of folks rummaging around in their dustbins for things they have thrown away.