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email alarm alerts - Tenvis IP cam

Hi there 


I've searched but can't find answers on this (lots on port forwarding which I will tackle later....)


Tenvis JPT3815W IP camera - set up so I can view pictures on Windows computer (not on Mac but that's another story).


I want to send emails when there's a motion sensed alarm.  


I can make this work from another house using a different ISP - but using the BT internet email information.  However, on the BT line I cannot get this to work at all, tried BT account, other email accounts (Gmail and others) but no luck.  


I've tried ports 25, 465, 587, each of three levels of secutiry - none, TLS, STARTLS.  


At the moment the camera is using a wireless connection which itself is a network over power line hotspot with the power line network plugged into the router/home hub.  It won't work on a direct wired connection to the router either.


Much appreciate any help

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