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email connectivity

  1. I have A BT landline, BT Yahoo broadband e-mail account and a BT home hub.
  2. I own a motorhome and in April this year fitted a 4G Mi-Fi device in order to keep in contact during a 2 month tour of Europe.
  3. I contracted with Vodaphone for 50Gb of data per month at a cost of £30/month.
  4. I use an Apple MacAir laptop loaded with Microsoft Office for Mac 2011.
  5. I very soon found that using Outlook, I could receive e-mails through the Mi-Fi device but could not send.
  6. The most common error message was “Your message has not been sent as you are accessing your e-mail over an insecure or untrusted connection. Error code 17099. Visit emailcodes for advice on using secure connection”.
  7. I could however, send e-mails through the MI-FI hub using BT Yahoo web mail. This was very inconvenient because all my folders were stored in Outlook. I complained several times but got no solutions. Only that I would receive some sort of compensation for the issue.
  8. I had to put up with this inconvenience for the whole of the 2 month tour.
  9. On my return home with the motorhome on my drive, I found to my surprise that I could send e-mail using my home computer, which is also loaded with Microsoft Office for Mac 2011.
  10. I therefore tried the laptop again, only to find that it would still not send and the error message was know predominantly ‘Please try again later”.
  11. I complained again and again and still got no solution.
  12. I was told in a number of phonecalls that BT had done all it could and I should contact either Microsoft, Vodaphone or Apple, the problem was not a BT one. 
  13. Microsoft concluded that Outlook could not possibly be the cause of the issue. Outlook successfully sent the message but BT objected to it and refused to send it on.
  14. Vodaphone also made it quite clear that their system would not and could not differentiate between the ip address’s of two different computers.
  15. Apple, at one of their ‘genius’ desks, also made it clear that only BT could be responsible for differentiating between different hardware ip address’s and refusing to send.
  16. I have checked all the settings between my computers and both appear to be exactly the same.
  17. After several weeks, I have brought the motorhome back onto my drive. I now find that I can send emails with Outlook from the laptop, albeit with a very long delay, waiting for the e-mail to send.

I am now in Cornwall and cannot even receive emails in Outlook, although I can still send and receive using BT Yahoo web mail.

Any ideas please. BT Customer Services seem completely unable to acknowledge that a problem exists. If my home computer can send and receive using Outlook and the Mi-Fi hub why can't my laptop..???

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