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email server error


my grandparents have been having receiving an email server error for quite some time now when trying to access their emails ( and I have been spending the last two days trying to help them. They like using a third party application to access their emails rather than online; they originally used thunderbird then the error started happening so I tried setting up outlook with their original email as well as the built in email application within windows 10, then we tried downloading another called mailbird. But the error occured on every single application.

I have spoken to BT via their online help desk and also over the phone, as well as Microsoft as BT suggested speaking to them but nothing, so far. I have been told to take a look at the server settings and change them but this still is not working,

I would like to be able to set up a third party application for my grandparents to use as its what they know how to use, so any suggestions?

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Re: email server error

Are your grandparents on the BTYahoo or BTMail system. If you are not sure you should log onto their email account via webmail and if you see Yahoo in the BT logo it means they are on the BTYahoo system.

If they use more than one device to access their email account before doing the following make sure you turn all the devices off or delete the email account and only work on one device at a time.

It is often best to delete the email account from the email client then re-start the device before setting up the email account. 

Have you have changed their password at any time since the problem began if you have you should try using the "old" password if the new one des not work. 

The BTMail system settings are as per this link and should work on BTYahoo as well as BTMail

If the above settings don't work and if they are on the BTYahoo email system you could try using the Yahoo server settings when you set up their email. Make sure you set it up manually and do not allow the email client/app to set it up using the wizard.

The Yahoo settings will NOT work if you are on the BTMail system.




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