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emails I have sent are not being received since this morning

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Hi there


I sent some emails out this morning and they were not received

I then tried a couple of test emails to my own address and they have not come back either


I am using Windows Live Mail and the client is all set up correctly (I have double checked). I have changed nothing on it since it was confirmed working yesterday evening.


I am getting no bounced message or any SMTP error message (or any error message) when sending and the emails all appear in my Sent Box.


I have checked the service status on my line and there are no reported problems


In fact the only way I know its not working is because I was told stuff had not arrived rather than any indication of stuff not being right my end


I can strangely successfully send webmail from the BT Mail page


I did notice the BT Mail Web page had trouble loading first thing this morning and there are reports of it being down for some folks when I look around on the internet


I am receiving emails sent to me by other people which is odd


Anyone got any ideas?


I have also tried another PC and same thing happens so I have run out of things to check

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Re: emails I have sent are not being received since this morning

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just starting working again now



no sign of the several messages and test messages sent on Sat/Sun/Mon am, but a test one I sent out this afternoon has just shown up


So obviously my settings and everything must have been correct


I cannot comprehend what has gone on but I shall mark it down as (yet another) btmail hiccup

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