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emails not being received (sent via iphone or macbook safari) and changed password recently

Sorry if this is basic but I don't know much and a posting about this type of problem was far too complicated for me.  All I know is that suddenly many people are saying that they have not received emails I have sent; emails are in Sent Items, no notification of non delivery; I a receiving emails ok.  My main account (password not changed) is working but my second account is not.  I have sent 'test' emails from the problem account to the secondary account and can see they are not received.  Please help.  Thanks

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Re: emails not being received (sent via iphone or macbook safari) and changed password recently


To add to this, i have today received the delivery note for an e-mail that i sent on 26th January 2021. The company is perhaps getting a bit annoyed that they have solved the problem, refunded me, and it looks like i am trying to do other things.

It is possible it is their e-mail system, but i have had other e-mails sent never getting through, and not received e-mails sent to me also, all from different people - BT Internet, gmail and companies etc.

It is possible that companies/service providers are implementing a spam system, and these are issues we need to just accept. But blocking BT e-mails from other btinternet accounts as per the original poster, does make it difficult for people sending.

Perhaps BT can investigate or make a statement that it is the interaction of systems causing the issue, such that the dynamic rule sets on the other system may cause temporary blocking, or discarding of e-mails from BT systems and vice versa.

Then at least we will be aware.



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Re: emails not being received (sent via iphone or macbook safari) and changed password recently

Same issue here since August last year.  I phoned BT and was told that there is a compatibility problem between Apple Mail software and the BT email servers.  BT blame Apple and Apple blame BT.  I downloaded a non-Apple email client to test this out and my emails still only occasionally get through, so instinctively I think BT are at fault.

If your experience is the same as mine, you will eventually get a non-delivery notification for these emails from BT but not until it's way too late for you to do anything about it.  For example, today I got a non-delivery notification for an email I sent on 13th January.

I'm afraid nobody on here was able to advise me or explain why these bounceback emails take so long to get through. Equally, no moderators could be bothered to intervene.

Either way, my only route for sending emails now is logging on to Webmail.  Not what I want or pay for but I'm stuck with it until I can leave BT this time next year.

I'd advise you send via Webmail if you want to be sure your emails get through and make sure you ask the recipient to confirm receipt.

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