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i am changing over from talktalk to BT broadband this email address is set up with talktalk, will my emails get forwarded to my new email address (going to set one up with google) or do i need to take some action so that i continue to receive messages from contacts????   thanks cliff.

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Re: emails

Your TalkTalk emails will not get forwarded unless you set your TalkTalk account to do that. TalkTalk might also close your account after you leave so you should check with them what happens when you are no longer a customer.


You can set your BTYahoo email account to send and receive from your TalkTalk email address provided it is still active or probably the best solution is as you have said, set up a gmail account. Gmail is not dependent on any ISP and you can use it with which every ISP you go with in the future with out any hassle of notifying contacts etc.


Once you have set up the gmail account you would need to email all your contacts of your new email address. You would of course need to do this aswell if you use your new BTYahoo email address.

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Re: emails

To follow up with the previous advice, if you are able to set up the forwarding on the TalkTalk account, you could also set up an out of office response on there advising of what your new email address is, assuming you have the function on the TalkTalk account.  Those two actions together would allow you to receive all your emails going to that account and give poeple who email you your new address as well.

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Re: emails

thanks for advice,really helpfull.

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