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error code 553

I was sending emails this morning , a I can't send anything due to Error Code 553 showing up.

I have sent myself a test message with just the heading, but that does not work .

Emails are still coming in, but I can't respond to them.

I can send from my other email @icloud,of which I have there is no problem 

I have turned off the Home Hub for an hour twice and this made no difference at all.

Your help to resolving this hugely frustrating issue would be appreciated, but may I ask one thing ?

I am a computer novice ,  if you are going to offer up a technical explanation, please respond with the simplest version 

I would add that I go into my BT email home page via Chrome and then log via the BT email log in. 

I hope you can rectify this  soon. Many Thanks

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Re: error code 553

Hi @kjbanning welcome to the community, I'm sorry to see you're getting a 553 error when sending emails. Are you using a VPN, if so can you try disabling that to see if you can send emails?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, it assigns an IP address to your connection that is not from BT. At times, these IP addresses can appear on a blacklist which blocks outgoing emails. 


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