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error - email not found

I'm getting exceedingly frustrated with my bt email. I login and all seems well, my inbox and all folders are there. I delete some emails of the day, go to compose a message or move to the next tranche and am told that there's an error, email not found. I can be typing a message and go to send it, nothing happens and then I'm told that the message can't be found. The only way to sort this is to reload or, more often, close down and restart btinternet. The problem has started in the last couple of months but is getting worse - using win10 and GoogleChrome v 77.something or other. I have about 400 emails in my inbox, oops, but the error means I waste so much time trying to tidy it up that I've got out of the habit of tidying. I also routinely select and crtl c my  message text before I try sending as I know that it'll end by restarting but I can then do a ctrl V to paste what I'd already typed. The email might or might not be found in drafts, but continue composing gives the same 'email not found error'. Any proper fixes or ideas would be gratefully received thanks. 

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: error - email not found

Stop using webmail and use the right tool for the job, a mail client. There are plenty of free ones to choose from.

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