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log into btyahoo thank you for changing services

changing services.pngMy Broadband was upgraded to infinity from ADSL today.

I  had my BT yahoo home page open - no problems,  it said I needed to log in to view my emails (not unusual) when I logged in I had a message saying thanks for changing services, I closed the browser and tried again, same message (see image),

I could not do anything without pressing continue.


A search on this site showed someone else having the issue in may but no resolution - the OP on that thread had lost access to their emails ,should I be worried? 


I really need access to my emails - as there has been many issues with my order (starting with an issue with merging my accounts - to today when the engineer didn't install my new vision [extra channels - so he was supposed to install a cable] because "it was not on his job list"), So I am in email contact to a really helpful member of the UK care team who has been sorting  out  all the problems (and there are a few more things she going to sort out when its all up and running) so if I lose my email I'm stuffed.


Just to clarify I still have access at the moment just worried I am going to lose it like this thread:


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