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"Premium" account being charged for email address

Hi...I'll copy and paste an email below I've just sent to BT CEO and the Ombudsman just in case someone here can help me...

I have been a BT customer for many years I'll give a summary of the issue


20 years ago I moved home, had two BT accounts and all was well

8 Years ago I moved properties and went to one BT account (for phone) and a 3rd party for broadband - shortly after I started to pay BT to keep the BT email addresses

7 years ago I went back to BT for both broadband and phone - and continued to be charged for the email addresses

4 years ago I moved house, stuck with BT for broadband and phone and am still being charged for the email addresses


I tried before to get the email charges removed unsuccessfully and gave up.


Last week I tried again...


Last week  I was on the "chat" with one person who was not able to resolve the issue, was passed to a "supervisor" who was also not able to resolve the issue so I raised a complaint

Saturday I had a call from a lovely lady called Lucinda who said she was looking into my complaint, she put me on to someone else who was supposed to be able to fix the issue, again, I got passed onto another person who was not able to resolve it. This last person raised the issue for an engineer service call which was due for between 09:00 - 11:00 on Sunday morning

09:00 to 12:00 I waited in patiently for the engineer call but it didn't come..the call arrived at 18:00 by which time I was out to dinner with friend

I sent a text to Lucinda Monday morning explaining your engineer had missed the appointment and asked for a reschedule to late Wednesday afternoon.

Also on Monday, someone else from BT sent me a text message to say they had tried to call about the fault but hadn't been able to reach me to which I responded again asking for an appointment late Wednesday afternoon

Yesterday (Wednesday) I had a text at 14:25 to say I would receive a call in a few minutes, I replied instantly asking for it to be after 16:00 as I wasn't available until call followed

They yesterday I got another text to say you had tried to call me and that you would call again on "28/11/2019 at 17:00"....well there's been no call as of 17:30

Lucinda has sent another message to say she will chase but she left the office at 5pm but she would call again on Saturday.


In summary, it seems like I've been paying for my BT email address unnecessarily for 7 years and BT is still not able to resolve what should be a fairly simple issue presumably related to merging account information.

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Re: "Premium" account being charged for email address

Hi @MartinHarris 

Welcome to the Community.

It looks like you have used your full name for your user name and also mentioned the area you live in. You might want to think about editing your post and removing some of this info as a quick google search might reveal who you are.

Best to keep personal data safe online 🙂


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Re: "Premium" account being charged for email address

Hi @MartinHarris,

Welcome back to the Community and thanks for taking the time to post. I have edited your post to remove the area you moved to, just to be on the safe side.

Sorry to hear about the problems you have had getting your Premium Mail account merged. Normally when we see problems merging a Premium Mail account onto a BT Broadband account it's due to either the accounts being in different names or the BT Broadband account having another Primary email address already linked to the account. I've sent you a Private Message with details on how you can get in contact with the mod team so we can look into this for you.



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Re: "Premium" account being charged for email address

Hi @MartinHarris,

Thanks for taking the time to send in your account information.

I have reviewed your account and I can see that the CEO's office is dealing with your case. I have spoken to your case handler and they are going to follow up with you again and will case handle this case until resolution.



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