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recovering ipad emails following hack that deleted emails on server but left them on ipad


I have some friends whose btinternet email was hacked. The hackers changed the password, added an autoforward and deleted all the content in all the mailbox folders. Then they used the email to send bogus emails to their contacts asking for a favour and purchase of an amazon voucher.

I has seen this before as several older friends have also falled foul of it. So I reset their bt password, logged in and took off the redirect - which is when we saw all the content has disappeared. 

However the content up to the hack was still in an iphone because the disconnect in passwords meant that the IMAP could not sync with the server. My friend then innocently reset the email password on the email client on her mac and **** Apple synced it to the iphone, which then connected via email and synced the empty server mailbox to the iphone -  wiping all the content - disaster!

However we remembered that there was an ipad in the cupboard switched off, so we firstly reset the bt mail password to a new value which Apple did not know and the powered up the ipad. Hurrah, the old emails and folders were still there - and would remain so as long as we did not enter the new bT mail password on one of the Apple devices.

So the problem I now have is how do I export the emails from an ipad using the apple mail client where it is not connected to the imap server because it still has the wrong password. Various articles have suggested using Edit > check item > move > change to another email account and select folder - but this does not work, the move fails, probably because it is not logged into the bt mail server. So I think I need a third party app or pc app that can extract the emails from the ipad and save them to a pst or more them to a folder, or even as a (very) last resort, save them as pdf's

In case  anyone suggests it, bt were no help and cannot (or won't - I cant believe they don't have a backup of two days ago) recover the content, whch is pretty galling since the 4 instances of this hack locally are all on the bt email server, so hey must be doing something wrong somewhere.

Any suggestions welcome

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Re: recovering ipad emails following hack that deleted emails on server but left them on ipad

You could try using iTunes to back up the iPad's email. This would save them to the device that iTunes is on. 

Just make sure when doing the backup that you do not use the iCloud option. You must use the Computer option.

See link.

Backup methods for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch – Apple Support (UK)

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