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what is a level to response?

Problem started with email password.  When trying to check email told to change password as there was a security issue.

Tried to change password but would not let me.

Rang helpline and BT were able to reset password which I then changed without difficulty.

however I cannot login to TV app, cloud storage or get access to billing information password rejected and will not permit me change password - keeps going to login.  also will not sent pin to my mobile, email or gmaill back up.

contacted BT after an hour in chat, had email password changed again but still no full access to BT service.  Was told it had been escalated to level 2 and would be contacted within 24 hours.  30 hours has passed and no contact.


BT what is going on.  Seems there is an issue with your systems and you are misleading your customers by claiming a security issue was fouls with email.  Why not be transparent and honest with your customers.

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