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BT Call Protect

Have come across a rather strange situation in that when trying to access BT Call Protect on my PC or App it states that I cannot access this at the moment since I have an open order in progress. I do have an open order in progress but this is for BT Full Fibre 100 and is not due until the end of January if it's even possible e.g. an engineer came round the other day and could not see any way it could be done but that's separate problem.

Decided to phone BT to ask them the reason behind the restricted access to security features and all he could say was that it was because there was an open order. As to why the system was restricting this he had no idea so that's that.  In other words computer says no. He did say that he could see that BT Call Protect was still working though which is a relief.

Consequently thought I would ask around on here if anyone had more of a clue to this than BT do.



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